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Terms and conditions

  1. Any data/software stored on the product (“Product”) could be erased without restoring during Digital Hospital and affliated brands PC Dreams, Dr Geek and GURU (“DH”)’s services. Customers shall be solely responsible for fully performing data/software saving, back-up before delivering the Product for Service. DH makes no warranties, expressed or implied, about preservation of Customer’s data/software, nor shall be liable for any damages, loss arising from restoring the data/software.
  2. In the event of an unsuccessful repair due to multiple implication, intermittent or unforseen issues, the fault might not be repeated under the original circumstances and other compound faults might arise.
  3. DH will not be held responsible for the loss, damage or destruction to, any accessories, peripherals, removable storage devices such as memory cards, discs etc (“Equipment”) other than the Product being serviced. For faulty product, many functional status and specification of hardware cannot be verified during the check in process, DH will not be held reponsible if there are additional functional faults or hardware properties discrepancies found after initial repair.
  4. Customers must IMMEDIATELY contact DH if the customer’s copy of this Service Form is lost or stolen. DH will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to the Customers if a valid customer’s copy of this Service Form is presented to collect the Product.
  5. All hardware parts and components that DH repaired or replaced will be under warranty for ninety (90) days or for the remainder of the warranty period, whichever is applicable, unless otherwise stated. All the replaced defective parts or components shall automatically become the property of DH.
  6. After Service has been rendered or if customers refuse the service or quotation DH provides, DH will notify Customers to collect the Product. If the Customers fail to collect the Product within 30 days from DH’s notice, DH reserves the right to (i) donate or recycle the Product in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations; (ii) claim damages from customer, including costs associated with storage, disposal of the Product and any statutory right in lieu for unpaid charges.
  7. DH collects, processes, and uses Customers’ personal data to facilitate the Service; and that for this purpose, DH may transfer and process Customers’ personal data in any country where DH or its affiliated brands maintain offices, or to DH’s agent and/or contractors. DH is committed to protect and respect Customers’ privacy and will use the collected personal data subject to DH Privacy Policy.

(Updated 13, May, 2020)

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