iPhone 6s Glass Crack – Repair Service


  • Replacement will be on the glass (also commonly referred to as “screen” or “digitizer”).
  • LCD display must be working perfectly and 100% touch-sensitive.
  • The material used is “Grade A” parts which are as good as original/what you get at authorized Apple service centers.
  • Service perform/provided is inclusive of labor fee.
  • There will be NO data loss 99% of the time during the repair/replacement process.
  • Local seller warranty 90 days.

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  • 90 Days Carry-In Warranty
  • Free Diagnosis
  • Place your order before 2:30pm for same day Pickup / Return
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Things you must know when repair iPhone Glass.

Technically, no one in Singapore can claim their parts to be original except authorized Apple service centers such as aLAB or Apple Store. To abide by this consumer law, we refer to our products as “Grade A”. Our “Grade A” parts are as good as original, which is as good as what you get at authorized Apple service centers. We define ourselves as an alternative solution, who can provide iPhone cracked screen repair which is cheaper, faster and is more accessible than authorized service centers without compromising on quality. Our technicians are highly trained and we are able to handle many issues which they can’t. eg: Apple offers only iPhone LCD replacement even if you just need to replace the glass. Cautious: If you ever replace glass break before, it is impossible to replace just the glass again. You will require to replace the full LCD assembly.

For better understanding, here’s the breakdown of full repair-cycle on replacing iPhone glass.

  • 10 minutes >> In-processing and a full test of your phone to ensure all components are working fine.
  • 10 minutes >> Disassembling your iPhone.
  • 15 minutes >> Separating the glass and iPhone LCD using specialized machinery.
  • 15 minutes >> Applying a brand new Grade A glass onto your existing LCD.
  • 30 minutes >> Heat-induced process to adhere to the new glass firmly to the existing LCD. using specialized machinery.
  • 10 minutes >> Assembling your iPhone.
  • 10 minutes >> A full test of your iPhone to ensure your phone is working perfectly before you collect it.
Total time taken on whole process : 100 minutes. Once services are completed, will test it for 24 hours before return.
99% of the time, should there be no unforeseen circumstances, your phone data will remain intact. We advise you to back up your data before coming, but it will save you the hassle of restoring your backup. At the Apple service center, you will face data loss 100% of the time. You can fix an appointment with us at your convenience via our website, walk in and repair your iPhone in a jiffy. No waiting in line, no disappointment.
  • Redeem location: SIM LIM SQUARE, #03-01 (beside staircase H), s188504, Mon – Sat, 10am – 7pm.
  • Service requires the booking of an appointment in advance, drop us a date & time 1 day before your visit to our WhatsApp +6563333343 for confirmation
  • Options to redeem is available via:
      • Walk-in to Service Center
      • Pickup and return:
        1. > Laptops, Handheld Devices – $29 (Single Trip for Pickup or Return only, is S$19)
        2. > AIO & Desktop Computers – $48 (Single Trip for Pickup or Return only, is S$28)

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Glass Crack – iPhone & iPad Only

  • This item is non-returnable
  • 30 Days Carry-in Warranty